Objective diameter:  70 mm
Focal length:   400 mm
IPD:  54 – 76 mm
True aperture:   70 mm (measured)
Focal ratio: f/5.7
Waterproof: yes
Weight (measured, w/o eyepieces, with eyepiece cover and objective caps):  3‘765  g
Made in: China


High performance in a compact package! This is the smallest and lightest of APM’s binocular telescopes, and it delivers stunning performance for its size and weight. It used to be the best 70mm BT after the Borg 71mm double telescope was withdrawn from the market (in 2020, Borg is re-introduced a new 72mm tube with flourite optics which, when configured as a BT, costs about twice as much as the APM and takes the top spot for this size instrument).  Another competitor made its debut mid 2019, the Oberwerk BT-70XL-ED. The APM 70 is a perfect “grab-and-go” instrument that can be set up in no time and easily transported to almost any location. The smallest APM BT delivers best performance with good eyepieces between 18mm and 7mm (magnifications between 22x and 57x), but BINOCULARS TODAY have also been using 5mm eyepieces (80x) with good results. – APM, in line with competing products, has later replaced the “ED” version of this BT with an “SD” version, which is supposed to exhibit even less CA and to offer an even clearer image than the ED model.


see review section under: APM 82mm ED APO,

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