Objective diameter:  70 mm
Focal length:  400 mm
IPD:  57 – (>)80 mm
Focal ratio: f/5.7
Waterproof: no
Weight (w/o eyepieces, with eyepiece cover and objective caps):   ca. 4000  g
Made in: Japan



Vixen has been making binocular telescopes (BTs) in three sizes: with 70mm objective lenses, 81mm and 126mm. All of these have been on  the market for some time now, and in the beginning, they did not face competition form competitors such as APM or Oberwerk, who have been successfully marketing China-made binocular telescopes in various sizes since a few years. Vixen’s BTs are still being sold and find buyers who love the nice finish, easy handling and good optics  of these Japanese instruments. The 70mm model features ED glass (the larger 81mm and 126mm models are just plain achromats) and produces nice color-free images of bright objects such as the moon or major planets. One big advantage of all Vixen models: the screws for the adjustment of the prisms are easily accessible and allow simple alignment of the images in the two tubes.

see also remarks under the separate post “Vixen BT81S-A”


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