GPO Passion ED 8×32

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Objective diameter:  32 mm
Magnification:  8 x
Exit pupil: 4 mm
Eye relief (according to spec:): 16 mm
Usable eye relief (measured from rim of folded eyecups): 13 mm
IPD (measured): 57 – 76 mm
RFOV (measured):  7.9  degrees = 139 m
AFOV (measured, rounded): 62.5 degrees
Minimum focus distance (measured): 2.0 m
Focus type: CF (direction of rotation from close to infinity: < counterclockwise)
Degrees of rotation of focus wheel from 3 m to infinity (measured): 230 degrees
Range of diopter adjustment (acc. to spec.): +/- 2.5 dpt*
Excess travel of focus wheel beyond infinity position (estimate): 4.5 dpt*
Prism system:  Schmidt-Pechan
Waterproof: yes
Weight (acc. to spec, without accessories): 520 g
Weight (measured, with eyepiece cover and strap): 610 g
Made in: designed in Germany , manufactured in China ???
*range of diopter adjustment not affected by position of focus wheel


GPO, a relative newcomer to the quality binocular market (see info under separate post,×42/) is quite discreet regarding information as to where their binoculars are made. Numerous different answers can be found on the internet, and according to those, GPO binoculars are either made in Germany or in Japan or in China, or they are designed and quality controlled in Germany but made in Japan and/or China, …. GPO’s own website only states that the design and quality control are performed in Germany. This is a clear indication that zero manufacturing occurs in Germany. But then, are they made in Japan or China? BINOCULAR TODAY’s own guess: the more expensive Passion HD line seems to be made in Japan (the one “HD” model in this collection, see the separate post and link quoted above, bears a small mark “Japan”), and the cheaper Passion “ED” line is probably made in China, it bears no mark at all. However, the 8×32 model presented here could as well have been produced in Japan – the finish and build quality are impeccable, haptics and ergonomics are very good, everything mechanical works perfectly well, and the optics convince with an overall very good performance – good CA correction, bright image with pleasant color fidelity, respectable field of view (we measured 7.9 degrees, whereas the spec. in the manual states 7.8 degrees), good central and decent off-axis sharpness, etc. Stray-light appears well controlled, although direct sunlight on the font lenses can trigger some light purple reflections (these are, however, not overly intrusive). Overall a very nice binocular without any obvious flaws for an attractive price!



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