Objective diameter:  30 mm
Magnification:  6 x
Exit pupil: 5 mm
IPD: 49  – 71 mm
Eye relief: 16mm (effective, measured from rim of eyecup)
RFOV:  7.9  degrees = 138 m
Focus type:  CF
Prism system:  Porro I
Waterproof: yes
Weight (measured, with eyepiece cover and strap): 518 g
Made in: China



6×30 used to be a popular format some time ago. Nowadays, this configuration seems to be dispappearing, which is a pity. The little Bushnell is one of the few left on the market; it’s optics and mechanics are quite acceptable for its relatively low price, and it has a feature that comes in handy for everybody who is looking for a light-weight and compact bino for his or her children: the IPD goes down to less than 50mm! The Natureview is essentially the same instrument, just „differently packed“, as the same size Vixen Atrek Light (see separate post).



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