Meopta MeoPro 10×42 HD

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Objective diameter:  42 mm
Magnification:  10 x
Exit pupil: 4.2 mm
Eye relief (acc. to spec): 17 mm
Useful eye relief (measured from rim of eyecup): 14.5 mm
IPD: 56  – 75 mm
RFOV:  6.7 degrees = 117 m
AFOV (measured, rounded): 63 degrees
Minimum focus distance (measured): 1.3 m
Focus type: CF (direction of rotation from close to infinity: > clockwise)
Degrees of rotation of focus wheel from 3m to infinity (measured): 180 degrees
Range of diopter adjustment (acc. to spec.): +/- 5 dpt*
Excess travel of focus wheel beyond infinity position (estimate): 5 dpt*
Prism system:  Schmidt-Pechan
Waterproof: yes
Weight (measured, with eyepiece cover and strap): 794 g
Made in: Czech Republic
*range of diopter adjustment not affected by position of focus wheel



Like its MeoPro siblings, the 10×42 features a relatively wide  field of view (6.7 degree = 117m/1000) and exhibits a bright image with good central and very decent off-axis sharpness. The MeoPro binoculars may be among the last good middle class binoculars which are made in Europe or America (the MeoPro series, it appears, are assembled in the USA with parts produced in the Czech Republic).

See separate posts about the 8×32 and 8×42 versions of the MeoPro,×32-hd/ and×42-hd/

Note: in  early 2022, the 10×42 and 8×56 models of the MeoPro HD line were improved/upgraded and are now called “MeoPro HD Plus” (no information available yet wheher the other MeoPro HD models – 8×32, 10×32, 8×42 – will also be upgraded).



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