Nikon Monarch M7 PLUS 8×30

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Objective diameter:  30 mm
Magnification:  8 x
Exit pupil: 3.75 mm
Eye relief (according to spec:): 16 mm
Usable eye relief (measured from rim of folded eyecups): 15.5 mm
IPD (measured): 56 – 72 mm
RFOV(acc. to spec.):  8.3  degrees = 145 m
AFOV (measured, rounded):  64 degrees
Minimum focus distance (measured): 1.65 m
Focus type: CF (direction of rotation from close to infinity: > clockwise)
Degrees of rotation of focus wheel from 3 m to infinity (measured): 18o degrees
Range of diopter adjustment (acc. to spec.): +/- 4 dpt*
Excess travel of focus wheel beyond infinity position (estimate): 5.5 dpt*
Prism system:  Schmidt-Pechan
Waterproof: yes
Weight (acc. to spec, without accessories): 475 g
Weight (measured, with eyepiece cover and strap): 546 g
Made in: China
*range of diopter adjustment not affected by position of focus wheel



Shortly after the launch of the Monarch M7 binocular line (see×30/ ), which replaced the previous range of Monarch 7 binoculars in 2021, Nikon also launched an upgraded version of some of the M7 models under the denomination „M7+“ (M7 PLUS), such as this Monarch M7+ 8×30. The main differences to the M7 model: more abrasion resistant AR coatings on the front lenses, a field flattener as in the same size Monarch HG model (see×30/ ), a bit more eye relief,  and a 25% higher price. The M7+ is therefore pricewise placed in the middle between the Monarch M7 and the Monarch HG. Its edge sharpness is much improved over the M7, as was to be expected, which goes together with a slightly enhanced globe effect when panning (the Monarch HG exhibits a bit of that as well). We found the AFOV to be slightly larger in the M7+ than in the Monarch HG, which may indicate that the distortion profile of the two models is not the same. For its price, the M7+ is very good value for the money. It‘s interesting then that Nikon so far has not broadly rolled out the PLUS model to its dealerships, it is currently only available at Nikon stores and some select optics and photo shops.


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