APM 6.5×32 ED Apo

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Objective diameter (measured):  32 mm
Magnification (according tos spec.): 6.5 x
Magnification (measured): 6.7 x
Exit pupil (according to spec.): 4.9 mm
Exit pupil (measured): 4.6 mm
Technical eye relief (measured): 23 mm
Usable ye relief (measured from rim of fully folded eyecup):  19 mm
IPD (measured): 53 – 72 mm
RFOV (according to specs):  9.3  degrees = 163 m
RFOV (measured):  9.1  degrees = 159 m
AFOV (measured):  59 degrees
Minimum focus distance (according to spec.): n.a.
Minimum focus distance (measured): 5.7  m
Focus type:  IF (direction of rotation from close to infinity: clockwise)
Extra travel of focus wheel beyond infinity (measured): > 7 dpt
Prism system:  Porro I
Waterproof: yes
Weight (without accessories, according to specs): n.a.
Weight (measured, with eyecaps, objective cover and strap): 747 g
Made in: China




APM recently launched or is about to launch a number of further “traditional” porro binoculars, in addition to their well known 6×30 bino launched a few years ago and their larger astro binos in sizes 7×50 up. Beside a planned new 8×30 ED model (APM now calls them “APO”), two 6.5 x 32 models have come on the market, one with individual focusing (IF), the other with CF. We got the 6.5×32 IF in our collection. This is a large and quite heavy bino with sizable eyecups and very long eye relief. The optical performance is good, the bino appears well built and finished (despite the annoying deviation of the  “0” diopter mark on the eyepieces from true “0”), the ergonomics are pleasant, the specifications very promising, the ease of view good. Focusing is stiff, but many may like that in a IF model. This could become another successful binocular for APM.



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