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Objective diameter:  82 mm
Focal length:  470 mm
IPD:  54 – 76 mm
True aperture:  82 mm (measured)
Focal ratio: f/5.7
Waterproof: yes
Weight (measured, w/o eyepieces, with eyepiece cover and objective caps): 4‘586g
Made in: China

This is the larger of the two “small” APM binocular telescopes (APM offers binocular telescopes with objective diameters between 70mm to 150mm), the smaller one being the APM 70mm ED** APO (see separate post,

A good example of the improvements which Chinese optics manufacturers have recently been able to achieve. The APM 82mm competes with long-established models such as the Kowa Highlander (see separate post,×82/), made in Japan, or with newcomers such as the Oberwerk BT-82XL-ED ( see separate post,, made in China, and outperforms older binocular telescope models such as the ones from Vixen, see separate posts,
and .

We have achieved good results with the APM 82 using eyepieces  between 18mm (magnification 26x) and 7mm (67x), but higher magnifications in very good seeing conditions are possible.

** APM, in line with competing products, has later replaced the “ED” version of the 70mm and 82mm BTs with an “SD” version, which is supposed to exhibit even less CA and to offer an even clearer image than the ED models.

see CloudyNights Binoculars Forum

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