Docter Aspectem 80/500 Vario 20-50×80

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Objective diameter:  80 mm
Magnification:  20x – 50x
Exit pupil: var.
Eye relief (acc. to spec): 11 mm
Usable eye relief (measured from rim of eyecup): 7.5 mm
IPD:  56 – 74 mm
RFOV:  var
AFOV:  var
Focus type:  IF
Minimum focus distance (acc. to spec.): 32 m
Excess focus travel beyond infinity position (estimate): 5 dpt
Prism system:  Porro I
Waterproof: splashproof
Weight (measured, with eyepiece cover and objective caps): 5‘058 g



The Aspectem, produced until 2018, but now unfortunately discontinued, came in three versions: this one with a zoom eyepiece with magnifications between 20x and 50x, the UWA (“ultra wide angle”) with a fabulous fixed focus 12.5mm eyepiece and a 40x magnification, and a version with a standard eyepiece and 30.5x magnification. The very high quality of this zoom eyepiece lets you forget that in general, when comparing fixed focus eyepieces with zoom eyepieces, the latter tend to come at the price of a reduced image quality. The Aspectem shows that this does not necessarily have to be the case. The eyepieces are marked with the respective focal length in mm (25, 20, 16, 12.5, 10) which, taking into account the focal lenght of the objective lenses, translates into magnifications of  20x, 25x, 30x, 40x and 50x. Click stops let you easily choose the right magnification for each eyepiece. – With the end of the production of the Aspectem comes the end of an era that goes back many years into the time of Carl Zeiss Jena, which originally produced the Aspectem until the reunification of Germany, when Docter acquired the business.

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