Objective diameter:   81 mm
Focal length:  480 mm
IPD: 57  –  (>) 80 mm
Focal ratio: f/5.9
Waterproof: no
Weight (w/o eyepieces, with eyepiece cover and objective caps): ca. 4‘100   g
Made in: Japan



Just slightly larger than its brother with 70mm lenses, the Vixen 81 is an achromat – whereas the Vixen 70 features ED glass – and is significantly less costly than the latter. In fact, it is currently perhaps one of the cheapest quality BTs in the 80mm range of instruments; it does show more color fringes than  the 70 ED model, but the chromatic aberration is overall still very acceptable, and BINOCULARS TODAY actually prefers the image in the 81 which is clearly brighter than in the 70 ED. Using good eyepieces, the Vixen 81 can provide stunning views of objects on the night sky.

see also remarks under separate post “Vixen BT-ED70S-A”


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