Kowa Highlander Fluorite 32×82

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Objective diameter:  82 mm
Focal length:  450 mm, magnification is 32x
Focal ratio:  f/5.5
Eye relief (acc. to spec): 16 mm
IPD:  55  –  76  mm
RFOV:  2.2  degrees = 39 m
AFOV:  70 degrees
Focus type:  IF
Prism system:  Roof penta + 45 •
Waterproof: yes
Weight (measured, with eyepiece cover and objective caps): 6‘200 g
Made in: Japan

The above data with eyepiece 14mm.
With optional 9mm eyepiece, magnification is 50x, eye relief is 15mm, AFOV is 67 degrees and RFOV 1.3 degrees.



The “Highlander” has been on the market for quite some time and, despite the fact that several other BTs of similar size from companies such as APM or Oberwerk have recently become available, is still the reference instrument for large angled binocular telescopes. The Highlander impresses with superb optics and mechanics, which are the result of the high quality materials used and the excellent workmanship applied in its manufacturing. This obviously comes at a price, and since the disappearance of the Binoptic brand, the Highlander is the most expensive of the current BTs up to size 100mm (Note from 2020: Borg 90mm tubes with fluorite optics, mounted as pairs on dedicated platforms and equipped with Mastumoto erecting mirror systems, take now the top spot in the market up to 100mm, both in terms of performance and price).
People with narrow interpupillary distance should use the narrow eyecups (sold separately) and not the regular ones. Moreover, buyers should be aware that, while the wide angle 9mm, 14mm and 21mm eyepieces of the Kowa can be used in many other binocular telescopes,  the standard 1.25” eyepieces used by other manfacturers do not work in the Highlander.



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